The need for a changed office situation can already overwhelm one’s own organisation. It does require some planning and consideration.

Wolfgang Tutsch, Managing Partner

What you should consider if you want to change your office situation

This article is aimed at medium-sized companies looking for new office space to meet the demands of the modern the modern working environment.

You will find a quick guide on what to pay attention to, so that the new office space will actually stand up to future demands.

#homeoffice is here to stay. Modern employees make different demands on the working environment. The office space becomes too small, no longer fits in terms of furnishings, etc. There are many reasons why the current office situation needs to be reconsidered.

Which topics are to be dealt with?

  • Involve your employees!

  • Determine the required space!

  • Consider the future technical equipment!

  • ESG/Sustainability are playing an increasingly important role!

  • Determine your budget!

  • Define the most suitable property!

Tell us about your current office situation and ask us your questions! We will gladly be at your disposal for a further discussion.

Raimund Machowetz, Managing Partner

First and foremost, it is advisable to involve your employees:

It is important to consider the employees’ wishes and needs in terms of location, accessibility, surrounding infrastructure. Knowing what employees want is also important when it comes to equipping the workplace, including social spaces, meeting rooms and creative work areas.

Determine the space you need:

In many companies, #homeoffice has become a fixed component. Fewer workstations are needed on site. At the same time, other areas such as meeting places for team meetings or flexible meeting rooms need to be considered. The employees of a department should probably meet once a week. Furthermore, other meeting places are needed, the corridor has probably had its day, as meetings by chance are decreasing (the tea kitchen is often the most creative and informative hotspot in a company). Do your employees need storage space? A coat rack or the like also needs to be considered.

The office environment has a great impact on the creativity and innovation of your employees. Create inspiring spaces that encourage brain storming and promote collaboration. For example, provide lounge areas where informal conversations can take place or design meeting rooms with whiteboards and projection facilities for interactive presentations. A pleasant and stimulating working environment increases motivation and the quality of work.

Don’t forget to include future needs in the considerations.

Above a certain space requirement, it is advisable to commission an architect to prepare a space concept and a cost estimate.

The technical equipment is also of great importance. The flexible use of workplaces requires an adaptation of the IT infrastructure. Possibly there are also other, new requirements? Perhaps greater digitalisation is possible and makes sense.

ESG/sustainability are playing an increasingly important role: Are there group specifications, or specifications from the owner regarding sustainability overall efficiency class, or certification of office space?

Then we are already at the budget.

What do you want to spend per sqm?

The rent and operating costs per sqm are the main drivers. Regarding current rents and operating costs, it is advisable to research the market (e.g. via the internet, some estate agents publish reports on the office market) to get a feeling for the current market situation. Of course, an real estate agent specialised in offices can also provide relevant information. This will give you an overview of the so-called “asking rents”, i.e. rental offers that are often still negotiable.

A relocation or conversion of the office space costs money. The costs incurred for this should also be distributed over the term and sqm usable space in order to create comparability with the existing space and the current conditions.

Define the “suitable property“:

Location, accessibility, infrastructure, area, equipment, energy requirements, certification, … . Consider the lease term, renewal options and termination options. Flexibility, also with regard to office tenancies, is always of great importance for medium-sized companies, as business requirements can change rapidly. Should the new location offer corresponding possibilities? Consider whether appropriate clauses in the lease should give you adjustment options if space requirements increase or decrease.


When looking for new office space, it is important for mid-sized companies to consider several factors. By involving employees, assessing space needs, evaluating technical requirements, setting a realistic budget, considering sustainability and working with brokers, companies can make informed decisions. A well-planned transition to a new office will help to meet the changing demands of the future and create a productive working environment.

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