MPT Advisory Approach

We provide our extensive expertise and develop the basis for your informed decisions. When does our MPT Advisory Approach help:

  • Unsatisfactory or endangered rental situation

  • High investments ahead

  • Unclear strategy

  • Financing structure does not fit (anymore)

  • Markets change

Revenue is falling, frequency is weakening? Our solution: With our comprehensive know-how, we develop the basis for your well-founded decisions.

MPT Full Responsibility Approach

We take responsibility as interim manager or as restructuring trustee for all areas of your property. When does our MPT Full Responsibility Approach help:

  • Earning power and assessed value of the property dwindles

  • Breach of Financial Covenants is threatening

  • Servicing of interest is at risk

  • Call of the loans is upcoming

  • Management capacities are overloaded

  • Insolvency scenario seems possible

  • The relationship to the financing bank is destroyed

Non Performing Loan? Our solution: Put your property in competent and trustworthy hands!

MPT Management Approach

We take responsibility for those tasks where you need support. When does our MPT Management Approach help:

  • Markets are changing

  • Renting out the property becomes more difficult

  • Additional resources are required

  • Special expertise is needed

  • Covenant compliance is at risk

  • Appraisals come under pressure

  • The relationship with the financing bank is impaired

Rising vacancies, falling rents? Our solution: Transfer partial tasks to specialists in the real estate industry!

MPT Transaction Management

MPT Advisory accompanies you in and through the transaction, whether you want to buy or sell. When does our MPT Transaktion Management help:

  • The transaction is complex

  • Lack of resources

  • Difficult Due Diligence

  • Special expertise is needed

  • Incomplete documentation



18 months




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