The crisis situation of your property

Requires professional handling of all areas of your real estate. With our MPT Full Responsibility Approach we help you to successfully eliminate the crisis situation of your real estate engagement.


You outsource crisis management within the framework of a calculable cost structure, reduce your resource expenditure, avert the insolvency scenario or have it professionally prepared.


The calculable cost structure and outsourcing of your resource expenditure:
We take over the comprehensive management of your property in our responsibility, the rights to the property in trust, provide the management and are responsible for all tasks of the non-performing real estate exposure:

We restore the operability of the real estate financing and sustainable management. The valuation is increased again, insolvency scenario is averted or – if necessary – professionally prepared. The property is disposed of in an orderly manner.

Professional real estate crisis management


“We restored the marketability of the properties by fixing the technical deficiencies, correcting the image of the buildings and repositioning them in the tenant market, raised the occupancy rate from 50% to 94%, obtained a corresponding extension of the WAULT and sold the properties for an amount exceeding the appraised value.”

Office building


“The constellation of spaces, particularly the building’s tract depths, made it virtually uneconomical to utilize the space as offices. By leasing the vacant space to specialised healthcare facilities and successfully finding a buyer who understood the tenants’ unique characteristics, we were able to achieve a satisfactory return on investment for both parties.”

Special purpose property


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