The future of your property

Rises and falls with the basis on which you make your fundamental decisions. With our unique MPT Advisory Approach we build with you a good basis for your decisions.


You receive a clear basis for deciding whether and which properties should be retained, rented, redeveloped or sold.

What makes our MPT ADVISORY APPROACH unique?

The good basis for sound decisions


“We analysed a real estate portfolio that spanned Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic and put it into a clear presentation. Strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks of the individual assets were clearly presented in a matrix with the help of various key figures. This matrix provided a sound basis for agreeing with the financing bank on the further course of action with regard to the outstanding loans.”

Portfolio of properties

Various classes of assets

“Several buildings were found on the property that had been used as offices, production facilities and warehouses by an insolvent company or were standing empty. We analyzed the property situation, worked out possible partitioning options and comprehensibly prepared the building and commercial law issues. We advised the financing bank on the best possible utilization of its pledged property.”

Industrial property

In the south of Vienna

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