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Decomposing and Analyzing in-depth a Real Estate Portfolio

Banks were threatening to make all loans immediately payable to a customer who owned a sizable real estate portfolio in Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine and Czech Republic, respectively.

MPT decomposed and analyzed in-depth the entire real estate holdings; the portfolio itself was made up of residential, hospitality, and commercial properties; the customer submitted the analysis to the bank as the decision-making basis for future courses of action as to the outstanding loans.

For ease of exposition, MPT depicted the portfolio by way of a matrix using meaningful metrics in order to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the individual properties as well as of the entire portfolio, enabling the principal and bank to draw upon a valuable basis for the decision-making process down the road.

Restructuring Trust / Special Property in Vienna

Rentable Area: roughly 3.900 m2

Rental Income: around EUR 680.000,–

Asset Value: about EUR 14,5 Mio.

The structure in question was expanded for a tenant to be put to a special use; the tenant did not obtain the required permits and licenses and rescinded the rental agreement for good cause; the vacant structure was at risk of becoming dilapidated.

The loans were made immediately payable, the mezzanine creditor threatened to file a petition for bankruptcy and to initiate legal action; MPT took over the entity´s shares by way of a restructuring trust and assumed the position of managing director.

MPT, along with authorities and the original tenant, developed an appropriate follow-up use, renting out the entire space in the process; by virtue of the subsequent sale of the subject property by way of a structured selling process all of the financial commitments could be met and a payoff could be achieved.

Turning around and Selling a Building Complex in Prague / Czech Republic

Rentable Ares: roughly 7.100 m2

Rental Income: around EUR 3,1 Mio.

Asset Value: about  EUR 87 Mio.

MPT was charged with selling a property held by a Czech company for the purpose of reducing financial liabilities on the part of the group of the principal.

Apart from a long history, the holding company was still running a business of its own, and the taxable book value of the property was rather low; as a result, a share deal was ruled out; and an asset deal would have given rise to a high tax liability; on the other hand, rental revenues were neither uniform nor appealing to investors, and the structure exhibited an investment backlog.

Once obtained a comprehensive power of attorney, MPT spun off the property, via several restructuring steps, into a special purpose company (“SPV”) and assumed its management; as well, MPT renegotiated and updated the rental agreements, and had several refurbishments carried out.

After selling a small, non-operating part of a lot, MPT monetized the building complex through a share deal via a structured selling process; the sales proceeds were markedly above the expectations on the part of the principals, covering the bank loan exposure and on top of that, providing adequate liquidity.