Privacy Notice

We recognize the importance of your information entrusted to us. As a result, we process your data exclusively on the basis of the pertinent legal provisions.

We inform you in the present privacy notice about the way we process your data when you access our website.

Data processed, purposes of processing, and legal basis

Using our website– collecting access data and logfiles

Every time our website is requested, information about the date, time of the website visit, data and pages requested, status codes, and system information such as browser, operating system, language and browser interface, IP address of the end device, through which you access our website, are stored on the webserver on which the website is, by way of logfiles. The legal basis for processing the access data referred to above is constituted by our inherent interest in ensuring the functionality of the website, optimizing the website and its display on the end device used and ensuring the security of our IT systems (section 6 subsection 1 para f of the  General Data Protection Regulation ,hereinafter referred to as“GDPR“ . The access data collected will be stored for a period not exceeding 365 days and will be deleted afterwards.

Contacting us

If you contact us, those data that you provide us with while contacting us, will be processed for the  purpose of handling your inquiry and, in the event of follow-up questions, those data will be stored for another 6 months with us. Insofar as your contacting us aims at initiating a business relationship with us, the data you provided to us will be processed  pursuant to section 6 subsection 1 para b of GDPR for transacting pre-contractual measures. In other cases, the inherent interest in being able to properly handle your inquiry constitutes the legal basis for processing data (sectiont 6 subsection 1 lit f of GDPR).

Downloading the  MPT Quick-Test Tools

Those personal data that you make available to us for the purpose of accessing the downloading of MPT Quick-Test Tools are processed by us in order to document your consent to the terms of use for the tool. The legal basis for processing the data for contractual purposes is constituted by section 6 subsection 1 para b of GDPR. Moreover, we use the data you provide us for accessing the downloading of our tool in order to, if deemed expedient, contact you via e-mail or over the phone to obtain user feedback related to our tool or to supply, if deemed expedient, information to you about related products and services of our product portfolio. Processing your data to this effect serves our interest in obtaining user feedback on the one hand, that is, in order to adjust and enhance our offerings based upon this feedback, and on the other hand to provide users of our MPT Quick-Test Tool  as prospective customers with targeted information and offers related to our other products and services. The legal basis for processing our data arising out of this inherent interest is constituted by section 6 subsection 1 para f of GDPR.

The use of Google Fonts

Our website uses the service from Google Fonts of Google LLC („Google“), Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, that provides the fonts our website has in place. Whenever you access the fonts being used on our website, your browser establishes a connection to Google´s servers and transfers information in order to display our website; this information includes browser settings, data related to the end device used, and your IP address, respectively.This use of data is justified by our inherent interest in enhancing the usability of our website inasmuch as the use of the service  Google Fonts improves the loading time of the pages requested and ensures a uniform display of our pages, regardless of the end device of the user (section 6 subsection 1 para f of GDPR).

Recipient, data transfer to third countries


The data collected via the service Google Analytics and by using Google Fonts are transferred to   Google LLC in the U.S. Google is registered on the EU-Privacy list with the U.S. Department of Commerce. As a result, the data transfer, based upon the implementing decision (EU) 2016/1250 made by the Commission as of July 12, 2016, about the reasonability of the protection  granted  by the EU-US-Privacy Shield (“reasonability decision“ within the scope of section 45 of GDRP), is deemed to be permissible.

In order to operate and maintain our servers and other data processing equipment we avail ouselves of external service providers; since these respective service providers perform services for us, it might be the case that they will apprise of data we processed, resulting in an accidental disclosure of your data.

Beyond that, no transfer of your personal data to third parties within or outside the EU and EEA does occur without your express consent

Your rights

In your capacity as individual affected by our processing your data within the meaning of section 4 subsection 1 of GDRP you have the right, vis-à-vis us, to be informed about the processing of personal data in accordance with section 15 of GDPR and the right to rectification pursuant to section 16 of GDPR. Moreover, you may request the deletion of the processed data provided that there is grounds for deletion in conformity with section 17 section 1 para a through f of GDPR and there is no justification pursuant to section 17 subsection 3 of GDPR for refusing the deletion. Furthermore, you have the right, if applicable, to request a limit on the data processed pursuant to section 18 of GDPR or file an appeal against the processing of data in conformity with  section 21 of GDPR. Beyond that, you have the right to obtain the data made available to us which we process for contractual purposes in line with section 6 subsection 1 para b of GDPR in a structtured, common and machine-readable format or request the transfer to another individual, insofar as this is technically feasible.

If you think that processing your data violates either data protection law or is in violation of your data-protection related claims in any other way, you may file a complaint with the supervisory authority, this being the data protection authority in Austria.

 Responsible Agent for processing data in in conformity with section 4 subsection7 of GDPR

We shall exclusively assume responsibility for the processing of data as set forth in the present privacy statement. You may reach us at:


MPT Advisory Group GmbH

Gumpendorfer Straße 5/7, 1060 Wien

T +43 1 905 47 68-0



Information about using “cookies“ and third-party

Our website uses so-called cookies that are small text files that are placed on your end device via your browser; cookies may not access, read or alter any other files of your end device.

We use cookies on our website, so-called functional cookies, in order to render the services that are offered on our website available and workable; as well, we use cookies required by the service providers we avail ourselves of for the purpose of web analysis. To be more specific, we use the following cookies on our website:

Designation of cookie origin purpose Processing personal data


Duration of storager Access by third parties
Functional Cookies
cmplz_marketing MPT advisory group Stores user selection consenting to placing cookies No 1 Day No
complianz_consent_status MPT advisory group Stores user selection consenting to placing cookies No 1 Year No
complianz_policy_id MPT advisory group Collects ID of the accepted cookie policy No 1 Year No
Marketing Cookies
NID Google Includes a unique ID, via which Google stores your preferred settings and other information, particularly your language of choice. No 6 Months Yes
_ga Google Is used for identifying users by assigning a randomly generated identifications, is used at every time a page is requested for calculating customer traffic, session duration, and activity data for the reports of Google

Analytics zur Website used.

No 24 Months Yes
_gat Google Is used in conjunction with Google Analytics to limit the data volume recorded by Google when requesting the website


No 1 Minute Yes
_gid Google Google Analytics uses it for the purpose of distinguishing among individual users accessing the website, and refresh rates through storing and refreshing a unique value per page visted. No 24 Hours Yes


If you visit our website for the first time, we display a pop-up with a bit of information about cookies. Based upon that, you are free to decide whether you consent to the use of non-essential cookies on our website or not. Once you click on save settings“, you assent to the use of the categories of cookies, as described above, which you selected.

You may entirely disable the use of cookies via your browser; however, please note that in so doing our website might not be functioning properly.